Drape considers the forms that emerge from the folds, twists and creases in drapery.  Rhythmic lines, geometric shapes and shadows hint at a presence within. Sensuality, drama, and quiet disposition are characteristics that emanate from different configurations.

Hand-made photographs captured on 8×10 inch B&W film, contact printed onto french 100% cotton paper using the chrysotype and salt printing processes.


Motion Study observes the assumed anonymity of people as they move about the city streets. Isolated segments and blurred interactions convey clues to the person as a whole.

Captured on 120mm transparency film using a HOLGA camera.




Hidden Places Hidden Live was made in collaboration with fifteen photographers including twelve residents of Supported Residential Facilities in Adelaide, Australia. We aimed to document this largely hidden world by teaching residents basic photographic skills (or reconnected them with long-dormant ones) and working together to make a collaborative exhibition of their world.

Hidden Places, Hidden Lives explores aspects of ageing, inclusion and citizenship. The exhibition was presented by the Seniors Information Service and the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre.

Silver gelatin prints



Representations of Modern Life considers iconic imagery that offers opportunities for quiet reflection and relaxation. Whether deliberate or subconscious, the inclusion of baroque, Buddhist and gothic style statues in the home suggests a desire to repurpose their inherent or historical meaning to create space for quiet contemplation away from daily demands. The gentle subdued palette conveys the sense of beauty, peace and protection often associated with these statues. 

Captured on 35mm transparency film, exposed onto Fuji 100C peel apart film, transferred onto 100% cotton watercolour paper.